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2018-08-08 22:57:12 (UTC)

Not too bad tonight

Anxiety was manageable today. Tonight, when my friends came to practice darts, It was obvious to me that the stress from my gf was stressing me out. I just couldn't focus. But the main thing is to remember muscle memory. So, we did do that.

At the gym, my peppy friend the superstar finally asked me if it was ok to tell her what was wrong with me. I told her and she did all she could. She said she felt bad for me and hope I felt better. Then, she went and told me a story. Now you need to know that she is cute and young and church going lady. So I see her only as a good hearted sweet person. She told me a story. I won't go over it too much but it was about a ring. In it, it said that "this too shall pass". It made sense. Some good, some bad. I'm just at the downswing at the moment but I'll live.

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