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2018-08-09 01:51:37 (UTC)

Teachers Pet (II) (1,605 wds.)

Teachers Pet

The bell rings, signaling the change of class and as the students empty from the classroom, they are oblivious to the young man standing by the door. As the last student leaves, he slides in, unnoticed, as the door closes behind him.

“Free?” he says, and Sarah starts, looking in the direction of the voice, and smiles.

Walking over to him, Sarah leans in close, lifts up on her toes and kisses him softly on the lips as she reaches around him and locks the door.

“Now I am.” she says, smiling, and walks back to her desk.

Following her, Steve watches her hips as they sway, hugging her ass. He watches the way her hips rise to a soft curve of her waist. Sarah stops at her desk, allowing Steve to catch up to her, and he moves immediately to wrap his arms around her waist and draw her into him. Sarah turns in his arms to face him. They press their bodies to each other so that their hearts feel as if they are beating as one. Sarah brushes her lips against Steve’s, softly. Sarah softly moans at his touch, the feel of his body and the gentleness of his lips and Steve’s tongue licks inside her mouth, and she opens up to receive him. Steve pulls her closer to him, his hands in her hair, his mouth exploring her, their tongues caressing each other until finally they pull back for air, panting from the passion.

Steve moves behind her, his heart still beating wildly as he pulls her hair back over her shoulder, exposing her neck. He kisses her tenderly on her neck, then opening his mouth he licks small circles on her neck, and he allows his teeth the softly scrape along her flesh. he kisses up along her jawline, then licks behind her ear, then sucks softly on her earlobe, again allowing his teeth to just tease the nerves of her lobes and send a tingle down her body.

As he suckles on her earlobe, his hands reached around her, cupping her breasts through the coarse fabric of her school uniform. He could feel the coarse ribbing of her bra, and the lacey filigree of the cups. Through the fabric and the lace, Steve could feel her nipples getting harder, and he rubbed them softly with his fingers. Sarah made a soft moan through her clenched mouth, trying hard to not be loud enough to attract attention.

Sarah leaned back into Steve, savoring the feel of his arms around her, and nuzzled under his chin. Sarah turned to face him and kissed him again, hard, passionately, pressing herself into his body, as she reached down and stroked his stiffening manhood through his jeans.

“Somebody is happy to be here.” she said, then grasping his buttocks and pulled him into her. Steve returned her kiss. His mouth covered hers. Their tongues caressed each other and Steve ran his fingers through her hair as he held her to him. Sarah’s arms wrapped around his neck and she let herself get lost in his kisses that she did not even realize they had spun around and his back was to her desk as they broke off the kiss.

“What are you doing?” She asked as Steve just smiled at her and slowly lowered himself to the floor. Kneeling before her, Steve undid the snap on her slacks, and slowly pulled down the zipper revealing the black lacey panties she was wearing.

“Oh my God Steve,” she gasped, “Here? Now?” but instead of answering her, he pulled her slacks over her hips.

She could feel the cool air move across her moistening pussy through the thin lace of her panties and it excited her. Steve ran his fingers across her slit over the lace and Sarah clamped her thighs over his hand to stem the sensation she was feeling, but Steve’s fingers continued to massage her until she relented and opened her legs again. Steve slid his thumbs under the lace between her thighs and stroked her clit, feeling the slickness forming. His hands rose up along her hips to the edge of her panties and he slid them down, past her knees, and down to join the heap of her slacks on the floor.

Sarah leaned forward to brace herself on the edge of the desk and spread her legs wider. She did not know why she did, all she knew was she wanted to. Wanted to give Steve all the access he needed to pleasure her, and moments after she opened herself to him, she felt his thumbs on the sides of her pussy pulling them open and a moment after that, his mouth was covering her slit, and his tongue was inside her.

Sarah’s knees buckled slightly, but she held to the desk and maintained standing. Pleasure shot through her body and she bit her lower lips to keep from screaming out in pleasure. She was aware of his hands on her ass, gripping her cheeks as he held her to him, his tongue licking long furrows along her clit, and probing deep inside her. She leaned forward, allowing the desk to hold her because her legs could not. Soon, the long, sensual strokes stopped, but immediately was replaced by penetration as he slipped two fingers inside her.

“Oh my God Steve,” she gasped as she clenched on his fingers, “I ….” she gasped, trying to talk, “I … I have ...Oh my God,” she tried to talk even as his fingers probed deep inside her, then she gasped, “Fuck Steve,” she gasped, “What … what are, Oh fuck yes, yes, do it, deeper.”

Steve rubbed his thumb against her clit, as his first two fingers probed her, and his pinky finger stretched up to massage her tail bone.

Her hands braced on the desk, Sarah arced her back, pushing her body into his hand, riding his fingers as she tried to muffle a scream, when suddenly she heard the door knob rattle. Before she could articulate a warning to Steve, she heard the door open and her principal entered the room.

“Are you alright Sarah?” he asked as he saw contorted expression on her face, and Sarah replied, “Yes,” then gasping again as Steve had not stopped fingering her G-Spot, “Yes, sorry,” gasp, “Sorry I pulled a,” wince, “muscle in my leg.”

“Do you need assistance? Should I call the nurse?” he asked.

Biting her lower lip she winced out, “No, no,” gasping again, “I, I just, just have to work it out.” then exhaling an unknown held breath she gasped out, “I’ll be alright.”

“Alright, but remember you have class, in,” looking at the clock, “20 minutes.” and he turned to leave.

“Could, you, could you please,” another gasp, “lock the door.”

“Of course. I hope you are feeling better soon.” and he locked the door, and left, closing the door behind him.

Sarah, sank to her knees, freeing herself, from Steve’s fingers.

“Oh my God Steve,” she said, “That was incredible. That was, I, I can barely stand.” she said, as Steve slowly rose from his position under the desk.

“Steve, please,” Sarah said, “I need you inside me. Please.” and Sarah started to undo his pants.

“But you have class coming.” Steve said as he felt the zipper of his pants sliding down.

“I’m cumming now. I need you to finish this.” and she pulled his erect penis from his pants.

“Oh my God!” she said, “How are you going to get THAT into me?” she said as Steve slipped out of his jeans, kneeled before Sarah, and pulled her slacks and panties off.

Sarah laid back on the cold tile floor and spread her legs as Steve climbed atop her. His tight, muscular body covered her petite frame, and he slid a condom on his manhood.

Steve lifted Sarah’s legs over his shoulders and opened her up to him. His cock slid into the wet and wanting hole quickly and easily, and Sarah gasped again at the sensation of this huge member stretching her in the most pleasurable way. Slowly he entered her, listening to the soft moans as he slid deep inside her, then the soft gasps as he pulled back, and the moan as he slid back in. Sarah raided her hips as he slid in, and lowered them as he pulled back, then lifted again as his manhood slid deep into her.

“Faster,” Sarah gasped, “Please. Please go faster, I need this, please.” and Steve picked up the tempo. Every movement screamed into her head and finally Sarah wrapped her arms around Steve and flipped him over. Now, on top, Sarah arced her back pushing herself deeper onto Steve, faster, harder, deeper, pushing and pushing until she could feel the heat of his seed through the latex and she knew he had cum as well.

Spent. Her body flush with heat, her skin soaked in sweat she rolled over onto her back on the cold tile she tried to focus on the ceiling tiles. “Tonight.” she said, hoarse, gasping for air, “My house. We have to do this again, tonight.”

They got up, and dressed quickly, just buttoning up their pants as the bell rang.

“Tonight then,” Steve said, as he tied off the condom, wrapped it in a tissue, and slipped it into his pocket, “Then I can give this back to you.” he said, as he walked away twirling her panties on his fingers, sliding them into his pocket as the door opened.