Letters To Burn
2018-08-08 12:53:36 (UTC)

Number Fifty Six

We spend our lives caught in between days. Waiting for the good moments. Never knowing when they will come, and ultimately not knowing what to do with them when they finally do. It’s taken me so long to know where home is. I guess you could say it’s taken too long. I had a good thing once, I lost it. When you’re young you think there is always time to start again. But the older you get, you realize it’s a hell of a lot more complicated than that. So my advice is this- if you have the one that makes you smile in ways you didn’t think possible, hang on to it. If you have found the one that makes your heart race with just one look, hang on to it. If you have the one that gets you completely, the one that make you feel like someone special, the one who shows love in every touch , please please please hang on to it. I know I wished I had. And if my someone is reading this, tonight wherever you are, know that you were my everything and always will be. For everything we had was for just a few short years, but everything since has been a pale imitation of what love could be.

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