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2018-08-07 21:15:04 (UTC)

Went to the gun range today

Holy guacamole!!!! I had a blast (bad pun). Went to the gun range and shot my glock 9mm and my barretta 12 Gauge shotgun with double O buckshot. It sure gets the blood flowing for sure. The power of that shotgun was un-effing-real. The recoil made me have to reset a few times. Peeps don't know but the AR 15 does not pack a wallop like a 12 gauge shotgun. You heard the term blow your head off? Well, it's not a myth. A 12 gauge with oo buckshot can literally rip a person's head off.

For me, it was just a big ass toy shooting at targets. So much fun!! Not sure if my shoulder will feel it tomorrow but I loved every minute of it. The range workers said they were checking me out with that shotgun. Apparently it has a big ass booming sound when shot. I dunno. I was wearing wear muff with the noise canceller so I didn't hear any loud DBs. He said he saw me having to reset a couple of times when I was shooting the shotgun in sequence. Boy of boy. The feeling is sooooooooo good.

I don't know why all this time and was with gf, I stopped going to the range. I still did pretty well with the glock 9mm. Pretty accurate shooting. Now the shotgun, it just rips the target and puts a big ass hole in it. I'm home now but I still wanted to make the grunting sounds from the series Home Improvement. The grunting from Tim the tool man taylor :)

So work was good. We had restrictions again because of some Network Outages so we can't make changes without approval from the higher ups. Dumb peeps but whatever. We can surf the internet instead. We still get paid the same. Our crossfit class today was easy. At least it felt that way. So all was fine and dandy. Time for a shower to get whatever gun residue off of me. A late dinner and we'll go from there.

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