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2018-08-07 05:55:48 (UTC)

Nice dream last night

So, I had a nice dream last night. Different time different age. We were just in our early ages kicking back in the kitchen probably making a mess. However, there was this girl and we were liking each other. Not doing anything at all. We just knew we were together and liking each other. It was cool. I did pray to God for some peace yesterday and I got it. I know it was a silly dream but at least for one day, my heart was not stressed out about this. I'd normally wake up in pain and stress because of my current gf situation but this morning, I woke up with a smile. That is the break I needed. Just one day :) Thank you God.

Yesterday, I told my friends about my plan to better myself while I"m on this break or breakup.( Whatever it's called). Told him about the youtube videos and that these timeout/breaks are pretty common. So much so that there are a bunch of videos on how to deal with these and what to do while on a timeout/break (whatever). My friend went and told me "Improve yourself? You are already a great guy. No need to improve yourself. If your gf don't like it or see it, let someone else see it." So yeah, I stopped and smiled. True or not, it was nice to hear to get myself out of this mucky feeling.

Last night, we got together with the gang and played darts again. The climate was much better. Specifically, I had a better attitude. Don't know why. It jut was. I would say time heals but it's way to early for that. I know I'm a fighter but even so, that's I thought too early for my mind to get settled, face reality, and say adios to gf. I don't know. Whatever it is, I'm just glad it's happening.

Hold on. Maybe it's me going to the gym doing the crossfit classes. Hmmmmm. Maybe. I know when I'm in class and I start feeling that anxiety crawling up my back, I push harder on whatever it is I'm doing. It happened at a routine yesterday where we step up on boxes. I was holding a 20 or 25 pound dumbbell when I felt some stress. I was able to push harder and faster. Funny, I am able to use the stress I'm going through to get in better physical shape. There you go. Looking at the positive :)

I even told my friend that I'm checking my PayPal daily. You see, I was ending gf 150 each month. She would save that much also. This was for our upcoming Mexico trip. When we are truly done, she will send me back my money. I trust her and she gets paid close to I'm guessing about 87K a year so she won't need it. I'm guessing she has about 1200 by now. So that'd be good too. I mean breakups are not good but breaking up then getting 1200 from PayPal doesn't sound all too bad. That will knock one credit card down to zero. Leaving only my American Express to less than a grand. Then, I can start saving maybe about a grand a month for future toys :) Yay!!!!

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