Do Not Disturb

2017-08-31 22:01:23 (UTC)


7:11 AM

Why do people always assume that I'm pregnant just because I have a bit of a chubby stomach on me done mean nothing???

Like what in the actual fuck. I mention to Jay last night how my stomach was hurting and the first thing he asumed is me being pregnant and in like dude what the fuck no.

I'm like fr do I look that fat but that's just mt conscious talking. I haven't been excersizing lately like I said I would but once I do then maybe it'll help.

The only other option would be is if my periods coming on. Because hell
I could be not at this nic of time but its whatever. This is all I have for now. Going back to sleep.

Write more as soon as possible

Yours Truly,

💜 Snookie 💜