Do Not Disturb

2017-08-30 21:55:56 (UTC)

Not Feeling Well

Ever since its been raining I have not been feeling well. The weather is contagious. Or is it that I haven't been eating lately well much.

Talked to Tim but I'm guessong that all he wanna do is read my messages.

Cory likes someone else without consulting me. I mean I get that he's single but still.... But I should've known.

Jay ( on snap) seems to have a freaky side to him as of this momennt.

Sheldon just have the most gorgeous eyes I've ever seen ( he's single). ( Note to Self: I met these people on MeetMe as well as Chris who doesn't barely text me because of job).

Met a guy that was apparently in his 40's seems to be recording artist but isn't to far from where I am.