Scream Above the Sounds
2018-08-06 17:53:38 (UTC)

Sweden, there and back again.

I'm finally home. It's felt pretty weird not writing here for a week but I'm back from Sweden. I was going to do some entries via my phone but I can't really write them in the same way that I do on the computer so I decided to hold off until I was back. I can't explain how great this trip was though. It was genuinely the happiest I had been in a long, long time.

I was mortified about getting on a plane on my own. Almost to the point where I literally could have shit myself. I was so nervous but I gotta say, It's honestly a piece of cake. I'm so glad I did it and if/when I decide to do something like that again, I'll feel so much more confident about it. It felt like longest week of my life, in a good way of course. I was pretty sad about going home. I think I'd live over there if I could. I just felt like I had no worries and it really made me realise that there is life outside of your problems at home or the city you live in etc. It was a very weird but welcome awakening.

I drank so much alcohol, consumed many a burger and just enjoyed myself. Everybody spoke great English over there. It turns out they are taught it at a very young age and its compulsory. Most girls that I did happen to talk to were fascinated that I was British. I really hit it off with one of the barmaids in an English style pub that we went to. They don't just serve you, if they find out you're from the UK, they want a full on chat with you. It's really nice. She was incredibly pretty too. That happened in a few places.

My friend cooked for me a lot. He encouraged me to try new foods which I agreed to. I've never tried pasta before and I get crucified for that quite regularly, haha. My friend made a carbonara and put a shit load of bacon in there to try and help me. It wasn't bad. I had about 4 or 5 mouthfuls but knew it just wasn't for me. I also tried Cajun chicken, which I can honestly say was really good. I didn't like the smell of it at first but after a few bites I was hooked. That's pretty much all the holiday consisted of. Getting drunk and eating a lot of food. It was just nice to get away and hang out with people who really understand and value me.

I think I'm going to crash out pretty early tonight. I was sat in Copenhagen airport for about 4 hours and then after I got the plane to Bristol it was about another 3 hours or so before I made it home. It's good to be back though. I'm not a big traveller but I would encourage anybody to just put themselves out there and explore. Don't just say you're going to do it. If you want to do it, commit. Do it.