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2018-08-05 13:50:46 (UTC)

So far so good

Today, I was starting to get the old me back. Before GF and I were together. Coincidently, it's been a year today that I've been doing the crossfit classes now. So I posted a summarized story on FB for the year of working out and I think it came out ok. I recalled my early workouts and how I sucked wind big time. Then the gradual progress to current events. I posted the weight loss and the extra fit and trim look I have now. Gotta love it. I'm feeling great. Sure, there is the little issue with the gf but I will not let that take away my success in getting fit. That was me and my determination to get it done.

I had an agreement with my gf that if she gives me a case of cat food, I'll put her on my monthly unlimited car wash. Well, with that soon to be over, I bought cat food from the grocery store now. Freaking cat better be appreciative. She's a stray and I don't have to but I have been feeding her. It's a black cat that showed up one night and you won't believe what night. Halloween!! Anyway, I've been feeding and petting this possible stray for a few years now.

House is still clean so I'm happy with that. Laundry done and very few dishes in the sink. I think I may have time to clean up the garage a bit. Gotta keep that "can do" attitude. Maybe I can purge some more stuff too :) I got this.

Oh and I watched another youtube video regarding this timeout no contact thing. They said that not to worry about it so much. If you think the ex isn't thinking of you then we're wrong and we are supposed to believe they are thinking of you. The time spent together can't just be undone and forgotten. We both got used to doing certain things together and we now must or may have to learn a different routine now Which is good because then it shows what you folks are possibly giving up now.

In addition, I am slowly starting to get my grove back. Before gf, I was actually very happy with life. I think it may have been a combo of working out and keeping positive. I'm not sure what. Obviously, I get my knees wacked recently but I'm slowly starting to regain small baby steps of my former self. The part of me that was happy being alone. So yeah, I'm sure I'll have my down moments but I'm slowly starting to realize that this timeout or ending (whatever it may be) is benefitting me too. I'm slightly surprise once again about this small discovery.

Anyway, back to cleaning my place. Later diary.

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