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2018-08-05 16:11:27 (UTC)

Read me in Dec, After 3 months prediction

Ya so planning now to move on... especially with the current job. after loooong thinking, eating every ones head and all I have made up the decision of resigning, Didn't new that it will end up so so I have to end it up, end it up the stupid job, end it up wasting time, and ending up all the negativity. I know I might get into pickle by staying at home, may be struggle bit financially and also get frustrate to get job but it part of life and risks are meant to be taken. so Ill put the resignation in September which is next month and with due 3 months notice so finally I'll be free by December or so. And by god's grace if I get a job It would be like sone pe suhaga.
Monku is yet to speak to his parents about me, August is his deadline. In August his parents will be here and we will fix the dates of marriage. I am glad, Yes, now I want to get married I'm bored of this life need some drastic change. I am also worried about living with so many responsibilities and mostly worried for my darling mom. I know it will be very difficult for her to live without us. But, I Promise to see her very frequent. god please be kind to us!
What else so I assume that after 3 months life is going to be better job wise, personally, financially and also emotionally. Change is within us and in our hands.
My digital class will also get over by early December also making Hot Wok website which will be done by Oct, and I hope to get relevant job. also my tummy is progressing in reducing hhehehe... I hope by Dec it will be Flat AF. rest seems all good. What else do I predict. god....

Alright cya then. If I have accomplished this all then I am not hopeless :P
TC. Love yourself.