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2018-08-05 02:54:31 (UTC)

Cleaning up my FB and my life

So to help me heal, I took out pics, tags, and my comment of gf and I together. Don't need any reminders to mess me up. So far so good. Also, hitting my gym for crossfit classes have worked wonderfully. I love the burn and I love kicking the shit out of my stress. I'm able to go a little harder and farther during workouts. When I feel that anxiety coming, I kick it into an extra gear. I sort of love it as it helps drive me. lol It's a weird way to use my breakup anxiety but hey, it works great :)

My friends also has been great. They've spend as much time as they can with me. From 11AM today till we got home at 1:30AM. Wine tasting to power nap, then off to the drive inn movies. I will see them again tomorrow for a little while. I'm so grateful for my friends. They are the greatest. They can be gone for a bit but they are there during the good and also during the bad. I don't deserve them but I'll do anything for my friends. They are saving my butt right now from going coo-coo.