Do Not Disturb

2017-08-29 22:56:30 (UTC)

My mom is trippin

Dear journal,

My mom over here getting mad because I wanted to meet a guy that I have only been talking to for at least two to three says straight.

Soooo, I guess you can say that makes sense in a way. You're the one who told me to move on and so I did. I'm 18. But its whatever.

I talked to him on Facebook. Lets call him Kyle. Kyle messaged me as well as sent me a friend request on Facebook not realizing who he was I quickly accepted it. I was out and about scrolling through my phone when he happens to texts me out of the blue. Then again, I didn't recognize him at this point. But he refreshed my memory. He was saying how he " tried" to talk to me because of the whole Anthony S. situation.

Let's just say he helped me forget about. Lol!

But not that way you dirty dirty person of a mind reader. Quickly, to say I have forgotten about him.

Danny wanted a few pics at first I denied it but he's only seen top half amd that I am not proud of. God, what am I doing wrong? I'm so quick to find loce easily. I really need to stop its getting worse and even worse than, it already was before.

Had to create a whole nother account on Facebook thinking that I could just log into my old account on the phone that my uncle gave me but sadly to say it never worked and so lady's and gentlemen's I had to start over. I hate having to do that but hopefully I will have to deactivate my old account to use my new account on Facebook.

Its not my fault we don't have cable or Wi-Fi. It would've been better if, I had my phone turned on but what's the point in that happening. Not my fault if, I'm always occupied by my phone 24/7 but its not worth waiting on because you will never turn it on ( my mom).

I know that life doesn't revolve around my phone yes I know that but its the only thing that will keep me occupied at the moment. Or as of now. You said ( my mom I'm talking to again) that you're gonna buy me a phone that's gonna work but I doubt it.

This is not like me. What has gotten into me???

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One