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2018-08-03 12:51:26 (UTC)

Friends asked what I was doing this weekend

So I was asked what I was doing this weekend. Sad but it came flooding in with hurt but I was supposed to have gone to Worldmark Angels Camp. Obviously not now :( . Part of dealing with shit I guess. In time, I will realize dwelling in the past will not be healthy and I will once again find the strength to move on with my life. I'm smart. I can do this but some things can't instantly be fixed and it requires effort and time. Can't go around that. So, here I sit sad, hurt, lonely, afraid, and thinking my future looks bleak without my girlfriend. I expected this. I now have to ride it out.

My friends have been coming over a lot to my house to practice darts and hang out. That helps a lot. Not being alone is good. I can't wait to hit the gym in a few hrs so I can get this feeling out of me. Not healthy at all. It's already starting to put negative thoughts in my head and I can't have that. I need to stay positive through all this.

Oh God, give me the strength to deal with this pain please!!!