Do Not Disturb

2017-08-29 02:14:17 (UTC)

Second Thoughts

Dear journal,

Now that I think of it. I wish I never spent the night in the first place .

I was stupid enough to give her ( my cousin who's 5 yrs old) some juice and I bet you she would go and tell my mom. She tell her everything. I make the smallest mistakes I swear. I am to never again spend the night.

The only reason why I spent the night was 2 reason :

1). Cable
2). Wi-Fi

My " auntie" whooped hrr daughter because she was getting an attitude about her hair. Then, she got mad because Kathy ( other cousin) couldn't find her belt. But why did you have to put it on me. This is exactly what I'm talking about. It feels like everyone hated me. Yea I know that I'm sensitive and sh*t but I try not to be.

But what's the point of it. I've been put up with so much pressure lately that its not even funny and the funny thing is that he texted me back after everything saying he's sorry and sh*t but I never forgave him. Never have. Never will.

We talked for a bit last night and a bit of today ( a different guy).

It seems like everyone's in college except for me. I need to retake my d*mn ACT test or, I could just go to community college first . Been talking to Shannon ( a guy) for quiet a while on MeetMe. To be honest, most of the guys on their are perverts. Most of them aren't.

Write more as soon as possible

Yours, Truly

💜 Snookie 💜

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