Do Not Disturb

2017-08-28 02:01:49 (UTC)

Babysitting Part 2

Dear journal,

Yes, I am babysitting once again but hey this could come in handy one day. Like I said before as long as I'm getting paid then, it's all good. I could think of this as a job something that I'm actually good at for once. Even when I couldn't get the sleep I needed but hey its all good. This could be a day job ( when it already is).

She's so occupied by the TV at this moment ( my cousin) " The Jungle Book" is on and as long as she's loving it then, in all wars and ready. Wanting to see if, I could spend the might just for cable and wi-fi ( using hotspot). I mean its not like I do anything at home because we don't. I don't.

Write more as soon as possible

Yours Truly

💜 Snookie💜

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