Do Not Disturb

2017-08-27 01:47:15 (UTC)

My cousin is a freak

Dear journal,

My cousin is a freak. As I was looking through her phone( only because she let me) realizing that she made countless fake profiles. And she's only 12.

What has gotten into that girl??

She better be lucky that her mom never found out otherwise it would've been an even bigger problem than, the last time it happened. And if she was ever my daughter I would never let her have a phone to begin with. Nor Snapchat and as well as Facebook both shocking and yet very true. She disguised herself as a boy or girl idk texting these so-called boys she barely knows.

What goes on in that dirty little mind of hers???

She has no right to read anything that doesn't belong to her and get she did anyways but I guess you can say that I am the one to blame. Not even knowing that I was on the floor to begin with ( the letter).

Now you see what I mean of not having any privacy. It Will never happen again. I already feel bad enough. Its my fault for letting it happen and yet I got to carried away with it.

Write more as soon as possible

Yours Truly,


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