Do Not Disturb

2017-08-27 01:21:33 (UTC)

She found out

Dear journal,

Well, my mom found out. You know about me and Anthony. Knowing that he only wanted sex. I'm so stupid.

And the worst part is that my mom read the letter that I wrote to Anthony and now she knows. And what's even worse is that she knows the same thing that happened between me and William while being together. He was willing to tell my dad but luckily to say that she never gsve him his number to be him with ( he's just msd that I broke up with him that's why he did that).

Mom. Dad. Sorry that I'm not the daughter you wish me to be. To be honest, I don't know what's wrong with me either.

This is the only reason why I've stopped writing in the firdt place. The only reason why I can never get any privacy. Luckily to say that I have this online diary that no one knows of ( family wise). I refer myself to as " that girl" that always falls in love to easily. I don't know why I'm always wanting to rush into relationship so easily. I mean I guess it's because I'm always talking sh*t about myselr and knowing that half the thing to know about is never true. I mean at least I think so.

I've messed up big time but luckily she didn't tell dad otherwise it would be even worse than, it already hss been. Thinking that I'm some great writer but to be honest I'm not. Nobody's perfect and I never tend to be. I've never been this stressed out before but it's only when my brothers are around. This all just has to stop. God, if you're out their please help. Because I don't know what have gotten to me. Or maybe I do.

Its been a very long and stressful day and ever since I've downloaded MeetMe but only to say theirs this one guy that I really like to get to know even when he's far away. His name is Shannon. He's 17. We've talked mostly talked throughout last night and some in the morning. He's somewhat easy to talk to but he will only be referred to as friends knowing that we had just met the other day. He seems pretty friendly....

Write more as soon as possible

Yours Truly

💜Snookie 💜

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