Do Not Disturb

2017-08-25 23:24:09 (UTC)

Fuck You!

Dear journal,

He saw me get off the bus and yet he did nothing about it. Seeing him ignoring me and talking to another girl hurt even more. He only wanted me for sex. I went to his house and tried to talk to him but he ignored me and still went inside when I asked about him to his brother.

I'm tired of guys using me. I'm just going to block him. Block every guy every girl that used me or was to ever be my " friend".

I need to find someway to deactivate my account on Facebook because what's the point of having it if, I'm always getting blocked for no reason. Hell, he probably f*cking her a** too.

I shouldn't have let him use me for sex. I talked to mom and she told me to f*ck him and move on to the next and that's exactly what I'm gonna do. His a** still in school anyways.

All the lies that he have told me putting it " On God" and sh*t his a** going to hell. He just wanted me for sex and I let him. I'm so stupid. It didn't even feel like sex more like rape.

I really need to stop falling for these guys so easily and so I'm going to stay single. And like my mom said f*ck him, Gavin, William, Rodney,ECT....

I can't take this sh*t anymore. I'm trying not to but I just can't. Guys are f*cking stupid I need to just focus on me,myself and I. I hate him and all the other motherfuckers I so- called " dated" and " liked". To be honest, I felt a whole lot better after writing all this down.

Guys are useless. I don't even know why I'm even rushing into a relationship that's not even worth it. He saw me and yet he kept on walking.


You're going on my block list. I am beautiful and God will send me the right guy so fuck you. I apologize for my language God but f*ck you f*ck the bully, and just f*ck everyone.

I'm not going to even get into a relationship. I don't need one. My dad was right. I'm just gonna cry right now and When I'm done I will write a song about him if, I can.

P.S. Excuse me for my language

Writw more as soon as possible

Yours Truly,