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2018-08-02 12:57:43 (UTC)

Recalling mtg with girlfriend

So there were shots fired from my gf that is now ringing in my head. She will never move in with me. I can text her before the 19th but if I say I love you, don't expect to hear her say I love you back. She says to take it slow and not call her. I of course am no longer invited to this weekend's timeshare with her lady friend. She is not going camping with me this month. She also isn't going with me to Reno for my other event. Just plain out a big fuck you to me! Yet, today she emails me telling me about this place that serves wine, cheese and meats. She also tells me that her Mom's plumbing bill is $$$ amount. So why do that if I'm now the effing enemy? I don't know.

I do know that the more I take this in, the more I'm not liking my situation. While I know it's her trying to find her foundation and that she's struggling with herself, it doesn't mean that I'm not hurting and trying to figure this out too. I too am feeling a lot of confusion. She may not be thinking straight so I guess ok, go find yourself. But it doesn't mean you can be straight out mean to me.

Instead of me wondering what the hell happened, maybe I should be thinking more of it's dying and it might be time to let this one go. Life is always too short for stress and I or anyone pretty much deserves better.

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