Experienced Life
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2018-08-02 06:13:30 (UTC)

Friends influence

So, my friends say that I should just tell my girlfriend (or whatever she is now) that I should just say, "Hey, you have my number. If your'e interested, give me a call and maybe I might be available. Otherwise, no worries about the 19th. Let's just say it is what it is". Again, this sounds right. So, I put feeler out there. You know, to see if someone may be interested in me. I know this way cuter lady that I've sort of been friends with for awhile now. Hardly saw her except for certain group events so we didn't talk much except at the last camp. Anyway, I figure, why the effe not?

So I know it's kinds lame but I asked her out via messenger. Her name is Shanti. She is a physical 9 to 9.5. My current girlfriend is a 7- to 7.5 physically. The response is irrelevant. I just need to get back on the saddle again. One small step at a time and I did it.

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