Letters To Burn
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2018-08-02 01:55:25 (UTC)

Number Fifty One

I write notes to you on my phone on the weekends when I can’t talk to you or even see your smiling face. Even if I had the rest of our lives, I could never tell you everything I want to tell you. It’s so crazy. All the times I’ve wanted to reach out to talk to you since we separated,but I never knew what to say. I finally get the courage up to message you, and I honestly thought you wouldn’t reply. I couldn’t have blamed you for sure. All I can say is you reach a point in your life where you pause for a moment and think about everything that’s happened. I think back to our beginning. I think back to all the things we did together. How you took me in when you didn’t have to. How you took a chance on me even though I never had the best track record. It shouldn’t have taken me so long to tell you that you were always the one I’d want to come home to. No one ever loved me like you and no one ever made me feel like you do.

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