Do Not Disturb

2017-08-23 23:41:15 (UTC)

Friends with Benefits

Dear journal,

Well, we once again and let me tell you it was even better than, the first go around. You know me and Anthony S.

I guess you can call us " friends with benefits" you know like the movie. But not actually friends. It seems to me as if, sex is thr only thing that's on his mind but the strangest thing happened he of all people asked me out.

The only reason that he probably asked me out was because he wanting more and nothing more than, sex. Knowing that I have trust issues. I want to trust him but I can't.

But to be honest. I needed it. I've been under so much stress lately. I knoe what you're thinking.

Why would an eighteen year old girl like me be under so much stress???

I would tell you but to be honest I just don't feel like it.

Hey, you can call me lazy all you want.

Write more as soon as possible

Yours Truly,