Do Not Disturb

2016-12-16 20:54:06 (UTC)

You're Not Invited

Dear journal,

7:53 AM

I've never gotten invited to anything.

Will I lose him if,he goes to the party
( boyfriend) or, will he lie saying that he won't but goes anyways behind my back to the da*n party???

But I know that he's not that type of guy. I can trust my boyfriend.

Can't I??? I mean its not a big deal.... Right???

On the other hand, I'm babysitting my little sister, but its not like I get paid anyways.

3:35 PM

I thought I can handle this but I can't. I thought about him and yes Derrick out of every other guy that I known or use to be with or with ??? But just... Why??? I mean the last time I've spoken to him was when we use to have ...... Nvm...

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One