Do Not Disturb

2016-12-15 20:46:59 (UTC)


Dear journal,

I waited for you but you never came. I don't know if,you forgot or, it just never mattered to you anyways. This sucks. I wish we could be alone but I guess I have to wait for you once more. You could've been in class with me that would've made much sense instead of me waiting on you for nothing. You never came and I don't know why. This is bullsh*t . I wish we can have our alone time as I wait patiently for an hour. Theirs nothing more to do than,to sit over here pounding. I have nothing more to say. I guess I have to wait until the bell rings and try again anyways.

10:49 AM

I'm tired of people taking me as a joke. But they wanna see me when I'm hurt.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One