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2018-07-31 18:53:45 (UTC)

Awesome gym workout

Man!! I really put an effort at today's crossfit class. I feel freaking great! It's only a one hr class but I go there 1/2 an hr before and stay 1/2 an hr later. MY cholesterol is looking beautiful. The bad ones are low and the good ones are high! I can make love like a tiger even though I'm older now. haha. Hitting the gym is such a stress reliever. I can't say enough about it and my body will look better too. I could go the alcohol route but that just makes you fatter and effe you the hell up. Sure, there are party moments and we should have a balanced way of letting off some stress. Sometimes is by getting tipsy, but it's better when you're at the gym working out.

It's so cool that people out in public is nice to me. Small chit chat stuff and being nice. I like it. I'm no longer invisible to these strangers. It was like that for years. Not now thought. It was a good day today.