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2018-07-31 11:58:54 (UTC)

24 hrs till D day

Well, I can't help but think that in about 24 hrs, I'll know if I'm still with my girlfriend or not. Life challenges that needs to be taken care of. I'm ok with it. Again, staying together is good. Splitting up will not feel good but I know in my head that that too will be good for me. So.... either way is acceptable. I just don't like the long wait. Seems like that is more agonizing then the actual end result. But then again, I remember having to wait over 8 days or whatever. Now I'm down to hrs.

In other news, I'm now almost paid off my nagging credit cards. Maybe by next month or the month after, I'll be back to zero balance. Yay!!!!! Then I can start seriously looking at a new or late model Tacoma. Sell my car and SUV. I may or may not keep my motorcycle. I think it's time for taking care of me a little bit. I spent a lot of time and normal dating costs with my girlfriend so I think it's time I spoiled myself too. A new truck would be cool. :)

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