Experienced Life
2018-07-30 15:46:33 (UTC)

Got a couple of text from the EX again

So, I got a couple of texts from my ex. Not to be confused with my current girlfriend that will probably be dumping me on Aug 1st. lol Sorry, gotta make light of the situations. The ex meaning my ex wife. I don't know why she texted me or what the effe is happening but she indicated that she had a dream about me and the kids. According to her, we were at an amusement park. I was walking with the kids ahead of her but she had to pee and we kept going. Later she said we took off and left her behind and she was sad.

I don't even have the muster to lift an eyebrow. She is the one that left me multiple times all those years. Now that she means nothing to me, she is having nightmares about me leaving her? Shouldn't I if anyone should be having those dreams? Women I tell you... They never are boring for sure. One is regretting to be with me. One is about to leave me. haha.

Can't focus on this circus today. I got a big dart match tonight and it's between first and second place. First place gets an automatic bid into the playoffs in Reno later this month. The other team will suck and have to go to the round-robin and qualify to get into the finals. We don't want the latter.

Gotta say though. It's been a very interesting week for sure. I know I had fun on my wine bus tour this past Saturday. A lot of fun and I posted a lot of pics with my old friends (All female). So... I'm sure that may have lit my girlfriend up maybe. Or maybe she don't give a shit and so be it. Maybe it's ok that we end up parting ways. 10 1/2 months and if they don't love you... well... then they don't love you. Move on and move forward to someone who can keep up with my mind, body, and soul. :)