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2018-07-30 05:46:42 (UTC)

Wow! A sense of peace :)

I don't know what happened last night but I woke up in a way better mood this morning. I'm not sure if it's because I woke up to a clean home. Maybe. Got my morning coffee and I see both my bathrooms clean, my living room aka: pool table room is clean, kitchen is clean, family room is clean and now I'm in my bedroom drinking my second cup of coffee and this bedroom too is clean. I freaking love t.

Also, somehow someway, I seemed to have found my peace regarding my gf. We've been together since Sept 15th 2017. I'm not sure how it clicked in my head but we must've built real love in that time. There is the infatuation love for sure and that dies I now know since reading that book. However, I saw a lot of real love examples that both of us did for each other. I just never noticed it was that until recently. There is a small chance I may be wrong. Obviously since I can't read my girlfriend's mind or feel what she feels. So, if gf doesn't feel real love for me after being together for 10 1/2 months, then who wants to stay with someone after that? I don't know if this realization is just for today and tomorrow will be mucked up or I just got smarter. Maybe it's because I prayed last night asking God to help me with the pain. Don't know but I did find my peace and I'm enjoying where my heart is at right now.

I woke up early too. I made it a goal for myself to start off the day early. Get shit done and enjoy the day. I have one last match at darts tonight. End of season match and we are currently in 1st place by a couple of games. We play the second place team and all we have to do is hang on and we are in first place for the season. This means that we won't have to go through the terrible round-robin before the playoffs. So tonight will be exciting :)

Also, my gym has a new weight loss challenge which means there will be a lot of new faces working out with me at these crossfit classes. Sounds like fun and I can't wait to see all the new people working out determined to lose weight. Woohoo!! Life is good considering my dilemma. So... it's two days before my big showdown meeting with my girlfriend. Scary but I'm ready to face life :)

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