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2018-07-29 15:02:16 (UTC)

Trying to avoid depression

So... Peeps may or may not know I live alone in a 3 bed 2 bath house. Rented it so that the kiddos would have a place to stay (another long ass story). Anyway, I'm running solo now. I wanted to try to make a nice environment that wouldn't depress me. So I cleaned.

I scrubbed the shower, bathroom floor, sink, toilet, etc, etc. I even took pictures of my bathroom cuz it looks so clean.
Worked on my bedroom. Washed the sheets and pillow cases. Purged the effe out of my bedroom closet. Got most of the extra large pants and shirts out and dumped them. I'm buying some large sizes now. The gym is sure paying off baby.
For the kitchen, I put away my air fryer, pressure cooker and cleared space for all my workout powders so that they fit in the shelves.
I got this. It's looking much better. Having a clean home is so nice to come home to. I myself feel it helps keep you uppity. Especially when you are feeling kinda down. Anyway, my bedroom looks great now. Both bathrooms are shiny clean too. Working on the kitchen and I now have more counter space then I can recall. My pool table room aka: living room is cleaner too. It's hardwood floors so I need to put that mop and glow thing to make it shiny. I did sweep it though.
Family room isn't too bad. I'll work on that too. Dining room table is getting more table and less clutter. lol :) This is helping. When I usually mope, I usually just sit on the lazyboy, grab the remote and start watching something on tv sipping some wine. I like this way of moping better. Getting shit done is nice.

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