The life and times
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2001-10-10 23:24:02 (UTC)

Me so happy!!

Well several things have happened today.First of all thing
I am on the right track to getting my student loan stuff
straightened out. My mom and I have been working on that
since June. Getting grants for school is no problem but
heaven forbid anyone should have to get a loan. Those
people are completely and utterly wacked. Secondly, I
bought some ballet tickets, the Cinncinati Ballet presents
Cinderella. I have never been to a professional ballet
before so I am very much looking forward to that.Thirdly,
the lovely girl that I made the pie for called me today and
she said the pie was great, so I was just happy as a teeny
tiny lil bug. Well anyway, I wish everyone who is reading
this the best, and even if you dont read this I wish you
the best. Ahhh listen to me, I sound like I just got out of
the seminary. Bye Bye now