2018-07-26 07:20:20 (UTC)


The book I wanted to get for my younger sister was the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers; I picked up a lot of valuable insight from that book. Unfortunately we no longer have the book and I'm not exactly sure why. I also sometimes wonder what happened to our Harry Potter book collection. I always thought my parents had all the books.

I somehow ended up hooking up with Amir after I told myself I wouldn't. It was a selfish desire but we were completely devouring our urges, like...straight up animals. The more I think about my real sexual orientation, the more I give myself a migraine. Everyone sucks and relationships are overrated. I just want to love myself now. I might come off as conceited but fuck it.

I am no longer a member of social media. I disconnected every single mode of communication across social networks that I possessed. Phenomenally , I have no current urges to go back to Facebook...ever. The idea of not looking for constant validation and building my image on social full of shit can people be? It's no wonder people like that famous Muslim nurse probably irritated me so much. Maybe that hypocrisy I mentioned in my least entry is more unbearable than I thought it would be. I truly would never be evil, though. I don't think I could be. Maybe I am just naturally irritated by superficial bullshit. Just like my mom, I can probably smell it a mile away. Literally and metaphorically. Her nose is ridiculous.

I have to be careful not to burn out before the school year starts. I added some upcoming tasks to my Plans just to keep me a little more productive for the summer. I really wish I could start getting money somehow. On August 1st, I'm restarting my Self-Repair streak. I think I should be done smoking and fapping by then. It's gonna definitely give me a new outlook. I will quit that shit for good. It's time for me to become an adult now. I cannot be afraid of what the future holds. I have to conquer it first. I have 5 days to do whatever I want. After that, it's time to start planning and becoming the person I want to be. This summer was so beautiful for me. Come midnight I'm going to reinvent the best version of myself. And it's going. to. be. awesome.