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2018-07-24 22:52:41 (UTC)

Rediscovering my soul

So, I've been trying to sort out my thing with my gf. Not bugging her or anything. I'm doing my own self assessment of what happened. Now this is just for me to improve any mistakes I may have made. This isn't to keep her or get her back. I've been reading a lot and watching some self help vids and I am more aware now of my situation than before.

If we break up this Aug 1st, it'll be a good thing really. No sense having someone around that doesn't want you or wish they were not with you but they are. Makes for bad feelings and resentment towards that person. So, even though we may break up, it's a good call because it would just mean that this was the wrong person for me. Sure, I have feelings for her but I was just enlightened to that fact and it is good. Love needs to be both ways. Now if she is into me, then ok. We then can work out the bad things that we didn't like.

One of the things I recall is that "even at your best, you will never be right by the wrong person. However, when you are at your worse, the right person will remind you of your worth". That got to me and it all became ok now. I am ready for whatever the gf wants this coming Aug 1st. if she wants to keep our relationship, ok. If not, that is still ok and my heart is ok with it and actually will be grateful if it happens. So tonight, I have a peaceful smile about me that everything is going to be ok. I'm ready for my life to continue.

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