Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-07-25 00:15:15 (UTC)


I've spoken about acting quite a bit on here. It was definitely one of my first loves in high school and what I really wanted to be. I still do now. I guess I'm just a lot more pessimistic and not much of a believer. I think you need a lot of luck in acting too. I've never really done anything more than extra work. I do feel I have some sort of talent in it. I think I could be successful as a comedian. I know that sounds shocking if you've read any of my other entries. I'm a depressive mess but I always excel at making others happy.

I write this because me and a friend are actually writing a script. A comedy but it has a lot of serious elements to it. There will be character development and a progressive story line. I've only written a short play before that I had to perform in school. It got me an A* though. I feel writing has been quite an awakening for me and I know that I want to push it. In all aspects. Whether its my wrestling articles or writing here or this script me and my friend are working on. We plan on writing 10 episodes. We've just got started on the first one. I'm pretty excited for it, even if nothing comes of it. It's still nice to be productive and dream a dream. We both have a great sense of humour so I know it won't be dull. I just hope it can be quite captivating and the people I show will enjoy it. I can already tell that he's deadly serious about taking it somewhere and actually trying to push it. Which I'm obviously open to, I mean why not? Nothing to lose. It would be incredible if it was a success.

I've always wanted to write something. I know if I do write something though that I will want to star in it. Not for fame or glory but because a character I create would no doubt resemble me in some way and because I've created the character, I feel I would know best how to play it. Not in an arrogant way, but you get what I mean. Either way, we're going to write it and maybe I'll post some parts of it in here if we think it's good enough and depending on feedback I receive from a few of my friends.

My plan is still to study journalism and creative writing. Creative writing could still very much play a part in my future if writing scripts becomes a common theme and something I would also like to pursue, so it doesn't deter me in any way. My friend is still away in Slovenia at the moment and when he comes back, I'll be leaving for Sweden. So we've agreed that we'll talk things over on August 6th. It's pretty exciting I guess. Even if nothing comes of it, It'll still be nice to write something with someone. If I ever did become famous, I would probably still write here. I feel like I'm here for life now.