Experienced Life
2018-07-24 09:29:47 (UTC)

Day after darts

Well, we squeaked by with a win last night 8-7. One more match to go. Not sure if it was enough to keep us in first place. I shot like shit as I thought I would. Darts is mostly in the mind and I know my minds isn't screwed on straight at the moment. Also, after I got home, I hurt myself and walked my freaking head on a drawer. I now have a cut on my forehead and bled all over the place last night.

GF or soon to be ex girlfriend texted me asking if I was ok (posted it on FB). I was thinking she wanted space and be left alone. Here she is texting me now. pffft!! I don't understand her at all.

Also, I weighed myself and noticed the divorce diet is still at work!!!! Yay!!! I am at 156 lbs. Before the crossfit class from almost a year ago, I weighed 198 lbs. So I lost a total of 42 pounds!! Hell yeah. Feel good and maybe I even look a little better physically. Funny, I noticed for awhile now, you have people innocently chatting with you in public and/or people saying hi to you more than ever. It can be a cruel and shallow world out there. Sucks to be on the shittier end of it for sure. Before, it almost seemed like I was invisible to everyone. They weren't mad or hating on me but it was as if I wasn't there. Now, you start making small talk with strangers and once in a great full moon day, you catch some woman looking at you longer than the norm. Well, hell yeah!! I like it. :) So now I gotta heal my freaking head and hopefully this dizziness goes away soon.
Thanks again diary for that virtual comfort you've always given me. Being able to release my random thoughts are always good for me :)