Do Not Disturb

2018-07-24 04:53:38 (UTC)

An Old Crush

Dear journal,

Okay so I admit that I still had feelings for lets call him Connor ( an old crush of mine from freshman year). I found that out when he now has a whole new girlfriend. I never would've known if I didn't switch schools in the first place and that I didn't want to do. But stuff happens for a reason.

But oh how I wish to be her. He sang to her with a band and everything and its all over the news during promposal week and now he's written a song for her called " Walk The Moon" that is now on Spotify. Its absolutely beautiful. I just wish it was written for me. I've written a song for him but it was very cheesy and that he never knew about and won't ever. But he's in a committed relationship now and so am I theirs nothing that I can do about it. He's practically famous. She's one lucky girl. Wow! Jealous much.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One