Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-07-23 17:18:16 (UTC)

The Zone

I woke up feeling really good today, shocker right? My parents have finally gone away for a week and I've got the house to myself. Cue me playing music very loudly, walking around more or less naked and being the biggest slob ever for a week. Woo!

I woke up at 11am this morning and decided to continue moving my stuff back into my old bedroom. I did a bit last night before heading to bed. I just needed to move in my computer desk and the single bed which I'm currently still using. My parents have agreed to buy me a new one considering I paid a shit ton for my last one which I've now apparently given away to my sister but, I'm not out of pocket so I shouldn't complain I guess. It does feel good to be back in this room, the fortress of solitude, my sanctum, the zone. It feels very bare at the minute. I've got a lot of wall art that I want to put up and a massive TV that needs to be mounted on the wall. I'll get around to it sometime this week.

I'm going to start packing for Sweden tonight. I don't want to leave it until the last minute and then start stressing. I won't be taking much anyway. More or less just clothes and the necessity's. Maybe my 3DS to keep me occupied on the plane. I'll likely either listen to music or try and sleep though. I don't feel as excited as I should. It is another week away though so maybe it'll hit me in a couple of days. Besides packing, I'm going to tidy up the house in preparation for this messy house party that's coming this week.

I'm gonna hit the bottle pretty hard, I need it.