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2018-07-23 07:15:18 (UTC)

GF's kiddo's birthday

Well, I dropped off my girlfriend's kiddo's birthday present. I didn't think it'd be fair for him to wait till Aug 1st to get it so I told my gf I can drop it off on their front porch so we don't violate the Aug 1st treaty. lol. She told me that the front door is unlocked so I can come it and drop it off. I did and told her we should talk for a few min just to make sure we get things cleared up before the Aug 1st mtg. We did clear the air a little so I guess it's good. We held hands briefly and did one or two small kisses then I left.

I did get a message from someone here in the same situation. She did state that if this gf of mine isn't sure about where our future is, then maybe she don't deserve to be with me. Now I know being alone sucks and we've already been together for almost a year now so we did build a good relationship. However, I guess I do have to realize that if she isn't sure about it, then maybe it's not meant to be. It's hard and a little scary to have to realize this but this may be what I have to face. I may have to bite the bullet before it can be better again for me one day.

I went wine tasting with my buddies yesterday and one of the guys too said he don't understand why this wait till Aug 1st. He said maybe I should be the one deciding our relationship and maybe I should be the one saying in or out. I think he may be right. The right decisions are usually the hardest to do. I think this is one of those cases. ugh...