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2018-07-22 07:58:58 (UTC)


I feel like a prisoner to my circumstances. Like a lion in a cage. Like an eagle without wings. I have so much to do but I am pressed down by my circumstances. I feel trapped like in a caged. I am trapped in my finances that is not enough to cover my expenses, I am looking for a new job that will allow me to go to the next phase of my life. I hate the neighbourhood I live, I love my car but it has served me enough (14 years) and now giving me so many problems. I hate not being financially able enough to do more for my children. I hate not being able to live the life I want to and capable of living. Having said all that I am blessed. I can worship and praise God in truth. I can rely on him and I just thank him so much for the opportunity he gives me to be able to renew myself with him all the tine