2018-07-19 19:53:28 (UTC)

Always there

Dear diary,
when I met him it was for a job interview, my divorce was ending, my relationship with my new bf was crumbling and my son would have to go live with his father. Every day I went to work, and I fought back the pain. At every breaking moment, he was there. At work he made me laugh, and though I didnt see it then, i do see it now. Slowly he was healing me, laughiter is the best medicine for depression. Every night after work he was there, offereing to buy me a beer and talk to me, make me laugh some more. When I left that town and took a new path, he was there. Distance didnt stop him from reaching out and talking to me, trying to make me laugh. When I finally got my son home for good, and a good job I found flowers on my desk at work. He was always there. You never know who is watching you, and believing in you that you will reach all your dreams and goals. I always thought I was alone, but a couple years later looking back I realize he was always there. Now that ive moved back to town, I find he is there. There to enjoy the company of eachother, to let me sit in a hot tub while he rubs my back, simply just being there. being there to let me be silent, being there to make me laugh, being there to show me that life is still beautiful and there is he is....always there.

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