Do Not Disturb

2018-07-19 00:19:06 (UTC)

Student Orientation

Dear journal,

12:58 PM- Wedensday

My mom got mad at me this morning ans only because I forgot my ID and my wallet that contains my ID with it. All in all it wasn't on me. And that's when everything started going downhill for the both of us. But mostly for me. She threw my journals on the floor along with everything else. Saying that how," You can remember to bring your journals and your charger and your phone and shit but you can't remember to have your ID with you." And yea that I amdit really got to me. Like teary eyed got to me. I'm sensitive yes I know. She can do all that with me but not with Nolan when he talks back or disrespects ( brother) and that's just with anybody and yes including me. But then later she got all nice and shit like nothinf happened. Bjt it sid. I'm going to college sooner than, you think. And I'm still mad sbout the whole thing. This shits ridiculous. Nobody do nothing I say. Nothing. And I don't like it. I feel like shit. My whole morning just got me stressed out. We're having tacos tonight for dinner. So, at least that's something good that's happening out of this horrific day. Hopefully, our phones will be turned on and by tomorrow since my mom is getting paid. I need a job but nobody's hiring me or nobody would act like they would wanna hire me. I know. I know. I'm 19. I'm suppose to be able to learn how to drive. Get a car ect ect... But those things take time and some may get it quicker than, me. It costs and I'm talking bout BIG money cost. Anyways, I'm finally back home in my resting place.

5:27 PM

Mood: Frustrated

I can't take it anymore. I just can't... I'm feeling very... Frustrated.... Like not in the mood frustrated. Like everything I dislike frustrated. Ughhh!!!!!.......

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One