Scream Above the Sounds
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2018-07-15 17:42:11 (UTC)

Fortress of Solitude

Just finished watching the World Cup final. I should have put a bet on for France to win. I called them to win the competition way before the World Cup started. It just made the most sense. I'm not sure how much money I would have made. They were probably the favourites, although a lot people were backing Brazil. France have best squad by far. So much strength in depth. I've always been a fan of France. Most of my favourite players who were at Arsenal were french so I always followed France because they had my boys playing. I would pretty much watch Thierry Henry at any opportunity too. I even followed New York Red Bulls and watched the MLS games after he made the move to the US. So yeah, France won the final 4-2. I'm pleased for them.

My mum told me earlier today that my sister could potentially be moving out this weekend. It isn't really a big deal to me, i'm not close with my sister. We've probably said about 50 words to each other all year. Which is quite sad but it's just how it is, how it's always been. My mum always says how much she dislikes that me and her don't talk much. It's not that we dislike each other or anything like that either. We're fine. We just don't really have much to talk about. The only time me and my sister would likely talk to one another is if we were at a big family party and didn't know many people there or hadn't talked to most relatives in years.

The good news about her moving out is, I'll FINALLY get my bedroom back. My Fortress of Solitude, I always called it. I've been pretty patient about it. I've been back with my parents since April and the current room I'm in just isn't ideal at all. It's tiny. I've had to revert back to a single bed. It's just shit in here. It's the only way I can describe it, it sucks. I'm just glad I had somewhere to come back to. It's been pretty frustrating not to have my bedroom back sooner. I've been here since April and my sister hasn't spent a single night here. She is more or less with her boyfriend 24/7 and I think he is staying at halls in Uni or something. I could have moved back in there no problem and I doubt she would even care. It doesn't matter now I guess because she's finally moving anyway. It'll just be nice to be able to breathe again. It sounds stupid I guess but I was in that bedroom for about 22 years or so. I was pretty attached to it. I missed it when I was living with my girlfriend in the flat which again, sounds pretty odd. There is just memories and history. This room is still pretty weird to me. I don't feel comfortable in it. I struggle to sleep some nights.

It'll be nice to get my room back to how I want it to be. I've got so much wall art that I want to put up. It's going to look like a complete nerdfest when it's finished but I've never really cared about that. I've never shied away from who I am or what my interests are and neither should any of you who read this. I don't see the point in that. Just be you. Embrace it.


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