The Queen

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2018-07-14 10:58:54 (UTC)

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Dear Silkworm,
I've been this way since a long while . At least to end it I need to know why all this happened. Or I'll keep on practicing with this knife on my arm and one day I'll end up making a blue whale for f*sake . It scares the parents unless they're Tahsin Korluda─č.
An object of worship.
Secure people don't involve themselves in unrequited love.

Listening to someone from space.
Shayad taklif main jo khushi hai wo kabhi ishq kr k nhi mile gi. Taklif sirf apne hathon ki achi lagti hai . Tumhare marne se pehle khud hee khudkashi kr lenge .
It's called being insecure and living a one sided love .Jo log apne liye nahi bolte wo naslain barbad karte hain . aur 1st generation ko chahiye wo sahi nahi ho sakti to khudkashi kar le.
Jese log kehte hain hr cheez ka ilaj hikmat hai ishi tarhan maut bhi hr cheez ka ilaj hai .