The Queen

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2018-07-12 23:43:31 (UTC)

Ending your longing that causes suffering

The child had made canyons with crayons. Their mother called them for lunch . It was mid way to holidays . I felt myself drowning and resurfacing . The traces of that face , I tried to recall them and waited for this longing and suffering to end. If one could only forget the place where they drowned . Love was such . Every time a new beginning . A fresh start.
My head was a buzz , why not this life ? Maybe it's not right that it be that way because everything has a way .
It is just crazy that I can not get myself together . The light in my life is very dim though the sun shines too bright for my liking. I step in the rain , try to feel delighted but I'm dead in some way that I can't decipher myself .