Scream Above the Sounds
2018-07-07 06:41:57 (UTC)

"Bad Things Come In Three's"

That's what my manager said tonight. I've heard the phrase before but never really thought about it that much but for him, it rang true. He has been going through a pretty rough time the past week or two. I'm amazed at how much he can just laugh it off and carry on like nothing is happening.

His father-in-law has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told to get his affairs in order. Then his mother-in-law fell down the stairs and damaged her spine really badly. Finally, his house got robbed. It's just insane. He told me this whilst making jokes about it and laughing it off. I feel like inside, his head is an absolute hurricane and this is the only way he really knows how to act. I wouldn't say I'm best friends with my manager by any stretch. We get on pretty well though. I know a bit about his personal life and he knows a lot about mine. He helped me deal with my break up. He's helped me with problems regarding family in the past, and he knows I suffer from really bad depression. He's a very understanding guy. I'm glad he's my manager. He said he was proud of me for going back to education. He's almost like a work-dad I guess. He'd probably call me a freak if I told him that, haha.

I felt really bad for him and it was hard to try and comfort him when he was coming across so casually, like nothing was happening. It really hit home and made me guilty, moaning about the things I do. I claim how sad I am and how bad things are and will I ever find happiness and he's going through something like this. I couldn't even imagine it. Bad things always seem to happen to good people.

The person who robbed his house has been caught so that's something. I'm glad he talked to me about it. He's quite open with his life generally but it's still good to talk. It's nice to know he feels comfortable enough that he can talk to me about things. I'm sure he's probably told a lot of people he works with though but I appreciate it all the same. He's a good guy and I am really gutted he's had to go through all of this. Life can be so cruel.


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