Do Not Disturb

2018-07-06 00:43:52 (UTC)

Get Over It!

So, Shonda ( my so-called aunti) thinks that the only reason I came down here to her house was to spend time with him.... My boyfriend....and when really that wasn't the reason at all. I just didn't wanna be stuck at home all day you know. Like I normally do and to just be on my phone like I normally do. I feel like everybody's trying to break us apart now that they know that we're officially dating and that I don't see what's the problem. All this just really pissed me off. I mean I wanted to see him to but that was never the reason I also caught him texting another girl thinking he was still texting her and showing her his dick over Snapchat ( which she turned out to be gay thank God) saying that it wasn't and I quote " not me". I mean do I have the word STUPID written across my forehead. NO. No I don't. But then again it said it was three weeks before we started the whole dating thing but the point is he shouldn't have kept the conversation in the first place. And that bothered me as well. But I mean I do like him but I'm just not looking forward into getting hurt again. He said that he won't " hurt me" and that he " loves me" but I just can't believe him to be honest and now all I wanna do is just vent and cry at the same time and while writing in this diary/journal.

Note to self: Don't trust nobody.

And when my mom found out that we were dating all she said this," You moving on fast ain't it." That just really bothered me. Nobody knows about how I feel except you and the only thing I feel like doing is crying. Like I don't even know what's the point of coming over here anymore. Or just doing anything anymore. I guess I am better of alone like he said ( a person that shall not be named). I can never be in a relationship without my mom being all judgy on whom I'm dating and/or the guys that I use to date and liked or like. Like give me a break here.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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