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2018-07-05 23:50:02 (UTC)

Update on My List

I did a list a while back on things I want to try and achieve. I'm not sure if they were for this year or just generally. It was mainly just a list of things to "get done".

The list consists of :-

Learn to drive
Get a tattoo
Go back to education
Start going to the gym regularly
Visit Sweden
Leave my current employment
Resit my English and Maths
Be open to meeting new people

I went out driving with my friend and it was decent. When I got the hang of it I was quite good but I guess I just haven't thought about it enough. It's expensive to drive and I don't go out enough to really warrant having a car. That isn't really an excuse though. I should still make an effort to pass and then it's done. I've kinda put off tattoo as well. I want to get a sleeve at some point. I was going to get something small first to see how I deal with the pain and stuff like that. It's a work in progress, I'll definitely do that eventually.

Going back to education is a go. That means resitting English and maths is too so I can cross those two off the list. I start on September 4th. I'm pretty excited. I'm determined to do well. I think I want to be a sports journalist. I would love to write and talk about video games too though.

Gym.........meh. I mean, I want to. I really do. I have so much free time right now too. There's no excuse for it. I could even sign up for a 24/7 gym so I could go whenever I wanted to. Hopefully I can find some motivation because I would love to look a bit slimmer. I mean I'm not fat but I'll get there eventually if I don't do something about it. I've been meaning to talk to a friend about starting a gym. If I could go with him for a few times until I was comfortable enough with it. I would probably end up living in the gym though, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing I guess. I haven't got much of a social life right now.

Visiting Sweden is all booked. I'm really happy about that. I feel pretty grown up going away on my own. I know that's silly to say at 27 but I've never been on a plane alone. I already know I'm going to get lost and make a fool of myself but I'm sure it'll be fun. It'll be nice to just go somewhere else and forget about things for a week, you know? I leave on July 30th.

STOP MOPING. Ehhh. I mean, sometimes. I feel like the worst is definitely over. I'm still pretty miserable generally speaking. I'm pretty haunted in the night time. Most of my friends don't really bother with me anymore either so I don't have many distractions. Things will be better when the Warcraft expansion drops. I know that sounds incredibly nerdy but it's a great distraction and time sink. It'll help me a lot.

Leaving my current employment doesn't seem very likely. I mean, I'm still looking. I'm currently waiting for my timetable with my studying so I can see what days and times I'm studying. I really hope Friday isn't a study day otherwise I'm going to be screwed knowing I have to work at 8:30pm. I probably will end up sticking it out on nights though. I mean I'm comfortable with it. I'm good at it. It's just easy. I won't be there forever. I'm gonna push my studies and then find hopefully the job I really want and belong in.

I've been open to meeting new people, surprisingly. I had that one date a while ago, which I thought was quite brave of me. I'd never do something like that. I haven't done it since and probably won't. I've had a lot of people message me on here, which has been cool. It's good to talk to new people. I've probably met 7-8 new people since writing the list. It's great to meet new people, I guess I just struggle initially.

That's all I've got tonight. I need to stay up late tonight as I'm back in work tomorrow night. I'm just gonna stay up and play some video games. Maybe listen to a few podcasts.


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