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2018-07-04 09:23:54 (UTC)

dfini and i

I had a dream.

I had a dream that you and I were out at some function in a fancy outdoor maze-like space. During the function I convinced you to steal away with me and play a quick game of hide and seek/catch. So I went and hid and when you found me I started legging it around this maze, and you began chasing me. Then as I moved from hiding place to hiding place, I turned to run again and suddenly a bunch of police men ambushed me and arrested me. You didn't realise and so they got you too when you came to catch me. They wouldn't let us go said we weren't allowed to play in that area and insisted that we pay a fine of N400k. Then they let you go off and get the money. I was seething and decided there was no way we were paying 400k and so I escaped to come and meet you. I broke into a car, and started trying to drive off but cos I couldn't drive properly yet, I kept hitting things and other cars. I felt bad for getting us into trouble