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2018-07-02 16:23:14 (UTC)

Its Official

Dear journal,

Note to self : This was written yesterday

My auntie be having to much going on at her house. I mean their are days when I wanna spend the night and then their are days when I regret on spending the night. Big Bird likes me ( a nickname I named him because I keep forgetting his real name).

I mean at first I didn't like him because of how clingy he was but now I actually have feelings for this guy and all that jazz.

Ughhh!!! I been knew he liked me but I didn't know if, I felt the same way as he did but now I'm sure. But I'm guessing we are friends for now.

You know just taking it one day at a time. Few minutes later : I guess you can say that me and Big Bird are " officially" dating ( I put quotes around almost everything but we're dating). I don't know. All I know is that I really like him.

But that isn't until they brought up the whole Chloe situation of her being on his lock screen phone even when the girl is like 14 years old ( my ex cousins bff) and I felt some type of way about it. I'm trying to trust him and that I don't do so often. Me and Danny aren't talking.... Again. Deleted Meet Me....AGAIN... Since you know.... Figured that me and Bigbird and all are official but then again I have a sneaky suspicion that he's talking to her but if, he says he's not talking to her then I believe him. But then again I don't but I'm willing to try. They were just friends anyways. He's to old for her anyways. All I know is that I'm not looking forward into getting hurt again.

I even let him touch me and that I usually don't do and in certain places ( which that I shouldn't have done but I felt very horny then I always do). He also told me that he " loves me". I mean I guess I believe him. Idk. Honestly relationships just aren't for me but him I really like and I wanna see where things go. I will also be seeing him on the 4th of July that is Wednesday.

Honestly, I do have feelings for him. Maybe I'm wrong about him. I hope I'm wrong about him. I been knew he had feelings for me ( like I said before) and I guess I had a bit of feelings for him but that I wasn't so sure on but now that I'm very sure of.

Write more as soon as possible


The Forgotten One

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