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2018-06-29 15:49:55 (UTC)

Random Assortment - June 2018

"Angelina" by Pinegrove

Washing windows with Angelina
I don't understand anything
Violent angles from side to side
How'd you get so tangled up in my life

June 29, 2018 Friday 3:50 PM

I am forcing myself to write because of how much I do not want to. I am nauseated right now, with a fading headache for which I took a dose of Excedrin Migraine an hour ago. I am frustrated/angry for no particular reason and I have a job interview in thirty minutes.
They still have not specified WHERE we would be meeting for this interview even though I asked as soon as, two hours ago, they confirmed we'd be having it. I am so annoyed. They are so bad at scheduling these things.

*Simple Twist of Fate by Bob Dylan
Masterpiece by Big Thief
Old Flame by Jason Isbell & John Paul White (cover of Alabama)
Great White Shark by Big Thief
Watering by Big Thief
Powderfinger by Neil Young
Your Dog by Soccer Mommy
Big Sis by SALES
Sunflower by Rex Orange County
No Limit on Words by Songs: Ohia
Happy News for Sadness by Car Seat Headrest
Slumped by Pity Party
Flaw by Soccer Mommy
Wildflowers by Soccer Mommy
***How Simply by Hop Along
Boyish by Japanese Breakfast
I Think You're Alright by Jay Som
*Static Buzz by Snail Mail
***Pristine by Snail Mail
Slug by Snail Mail
Salt by (Sandy) Alex G
***Your Best American Girl by Mitski
**Scott Street by Phoebe Bridges [I am especially attached to this song because I used to live on a Scott Street somewhere in California]
Smoke Signals by Phoebe Bridges
Funeral by Phoebe Bridges
**Night Shift by Lucy Dacus
Proud by (Sandy) Alex G
Still Clean by Soccer Mommy
Caught in a Lie by Chastity Belt
***Sarah by (Sandy) Alex G
**Tibetan Pop Stars by Hop Along
Taste by Forth Wanderers
A Burning Hill by Mitski
Geyser by Mitski
*****Powerful Man by (Sandy) Alex G
Till Death by Japanese Breakfast
*****Mis by (Sandy) Alex G
**Cut from the Vine by LVL UP
Whale by (Sandy) Alex G
*****Bobby by (Sandy) Alex G
***Fireworks by Mitski
The Bus Song by Jay Som
Unforgiving Girl (She's not an) by Car Seat Headrest
Guilty by (Sandy) Alex G
First Love/Late Spring by Mitski
*****Intrepid by Pinegrove
Old Friends by Pinegrove
Witch by (Sandy) Alex G
**Scott Pilgrim v. my GPA by Mom Jeans
***Waveform by Pinegrove
Visiting by Pinegrove
Gnaw by (Sandy) Alex G
Icehead by (Sandy) Alex G
***Crab by (Sandy) Alex G
Skating by (Sandy) Alex G
Molly by (Sandy) Alex G
*Kute by (Sandy) Alex G
Cold by (Sandy) Alex G
Not Anywhere by (Sandy) Alex G
Sandy by (Sandy) Alex G
Trouble by (Sandy) Alex G
House by (Sandy) Alex G
Chinese Melodies by (Sandy) Alex G
Edge of Town by Middle Kids
Heat Wave by Snail Mail
*Dog Physics by Plaid Dragons
Civilian by Wye Oak
Gila by Beach House
Glycerine by Bush
The Big Idea by Black Books
Need by Pinegrove
Angelina by Pinegrove

This month dominated by: Sandy Alex G and Pinegrove

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