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me and my life
2018-06-30 03:23:45 (UTC)

Plans, leap of faith

Its the last day of June, days are passing so fast gosh. Sis birthday is 2 days away and I bought her nothing. In my bdays she get me many stuffs and plan things for me. I am a bad sis, today ill go shopping for her.
Alright, the news is that, I am resigning in mid July giving 3months ka notice period so that ends in oct. I hope my plan goes well. And if my the leastes chance if i am lucky and i get a job that would be greeeeaaattt... But i doubt this will happen anytime.
Why my life is so pathetic?,😪
Mom still dreams of me to become an actress it aches my heart to see her like that she has so much of expectations and i am not able to fulfill, i cannot bcome an actress and also m not good in my professional life.
I am sorry aai, i am trying hard.
Situation is bad these days at hime. Dad troubles my mom alot, n again we cannot do anything abt it. Mom is afraid of him,donno for wat reason.
Life is tough man !!
Tension tension tension....